Law, Universitas Indonesia

It’s worrying to see that the world is now driven by fear and anger. Some people are just addicted to them and resort to those two for solutions. I mean, Life itself can be very challenging, so why do we want to complicate the matter by constantly getting afraid and angry? So, I think it’s a good time to reflect and get in touch with the “light” within: love,hope,kindness, perspective and ingenuity. Channel the fear and anger into something positive; instead of demonizing others, star empowering each other. The world needs the all the positivity it can get, and it definitely starts within ourselves.”

Architecture, University of Melbourne

At first I thought architecture is all about unique designs and grand innovations but maybe we don’t need something complicated. At its core, a city is already a complex system. We are too focused on the quickest method but not the most efficient solution to a problem. Take the case of flyover, by the time the construction is completed, the traffic will remain as the number of private cars and motorbikes will increase over the months and years. But hopefully, the public can develop more trust and reliance to the public transportation under construction. My architectural background helps me to see on how small-scale can create a long-term positive impact.

Marketing, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


I’m currently enjoying uni life and trying to make the most of it; exploring new things, developing my passions and learning from people around me. I love studying Marketing and Branding and I used to think that an ideal future would be to work in a huge multinational company and strive to the top positions. But now to be honest, I realize that there are so many more possibilities and opportunities out there that interest me and at the end of the day, what matters is doing something you’re passionate about and always growing to become a better version of yourself. I think it’s really important to know yourself, what you’re good at, what you can improve on and always be flexible to change. I believe that as long as you’re happy and learning something new each day, you’ll always move forward. And always make time for friends, family, and treating yourself”.

Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

I’ve always thought that I had everything planned — get an engineering degree, design engines/new machines, and go from there. After 4 years of engineering school, none of my expectations of what engineers do are true. Was it worthwhile spending all these 4 years trying to be an engineer? I’m working full time in a tissue manufacturing company this August and no I’m not designing new engines or machines. I worked there as an intern and it wasn’t particularly fun. I don’t know how I’m going to go through endless tasks of doing something I might not enjoy. But a part of me feels excited going to the unknown. There’s always a way for life to screw up your plans and I’ve learnt to embrace it — what’s so fun with having everything the way you want it to be?

Mass Communication, Binus University

People these days they often have a one-sided point of view. They believe on what other people say about someone and easily label that person according to the judgments they hear. As someone who is trying to pursue a career out of singing, I get a lot of judgments and they look down on me. In a book I read, I learned about 3 e’s which referred to enjoy what you are doing, then everything becomes easy, and then you earn through work. Right now I’m enjoying what I’m studying and my job. Living in a culture that is still relatively conservative, we barely get the chance to explore our passion. I am lucky I have found mine”.

Philosophy, Politics, Economics. University of Manchester

Back in elementary school I was introduced to “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. Who would’ve thought that this children’s book would have so much impact on my life? “Life is a great balancing act”, a quote from the book forever imprinted in my mind. If there’s a manual on life, this would be it. Believe me. It articulates the journey of life and its challenges in a very simple manner. It may be written for children, but its message speaks to all ages. The union of Politics and Economics with a Philosophical framework is the foundation of my studies. My course has taught me that the best questions lead not to the best answers, but better questions. But no matter what your field of study is, whatever you aspire to become, don’t be afraid to get lost in the chaos. It’s the getting lost bit that’s important because only then will you know which path is the right one. Do remember though that more often than not, in pursuit of one’s best self, one loses their true self”.

Communications, Monash University

I remember that time during homeroom challenge where as a class we used the strengths and weaknesses of each student to create an amazing outcome. Since then, I have been proving my potential to anyone working with me. During my working experience in Melbourne, other employees underestimated me. But I maximised the potential I have and use it in work. Eventually, the manager offered me to work during weekends because he was impressed by my performance. With all the judgments in this world, I learned to put on a tough skin and differentiate the ones who are worth the time and not, just cut them out and don’t be afraid to insult them.”

Architecture, Universitas Pelita Harapan

I now work at an office where it thrives on taking a lot of commercial projects. I could actually enter smaller firms that allow the architects to breathe artistically but nothing compares to the technicality and knowledge that a big service firm offers. This creates a strong foundation on what actions I wish to take in the future. Roughly, i have to familiarize myself with the fundamentals large scale projects, before I can do my things my way, and hopefully at a scale of my company now. I start at a big firm with hopes of transitioning smoothly into other firms that can perhaps be a bit more niche or boutique. I dream of creating a captivating skyline for Jakarta where buildings are not the bare minimum and come with unique architectural features that can encourage architects driven by a market-focused stigma.”

Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland

Don’t get me wrong, i really enjoy studying engineering. Although I am in uni already, I am honestly still searching what my passion is. The thing is, I did engineering and I’ve realized that I’m doing pretty well so far. While realizing that, I carry on with my studies and at the same time I try to figure out what I want to do in life, so I branch out to see where I would fit in. I think that throughout the journey of learning, it is okay to be curious on anything, explore what the world offers, seek your passion and interest but be sure that you keep on moving forward. Eventually, you’ll get there”.

Media and Communications, Curtin University

At first I thought majoring in fine arts or any design related studies would fit best for me. Because arts has been a part of me since I was little. Until finally I’ve realized that choosing to study Media and Communications in Universitas Indonesia and now pursuing my double degree program in Curtin University has become the best choice for me. You might not know what are the obstacles and failures throughout your entire journey of studying. But it will lead to greater things such as now I have learnt that I enjoy Digital marketing and Media at some point, a bit of business, but also with a little mix of design. Now I know what to explore more and slowly executing my start-up business plans and exploring more of creativity businesses that I could make in Indonesia