Mentari School Jakarta continued its’ tradition of representing Indonesia at the highest levels in the World Scholars Cup program this past summer.  37 students attended the largest Global Round ever held in the ten years of the program with over 4000 students held in Hanoi, Vietnam in late June.  Another 37 students attended the most diverse Global Round ever featuring 41 countries held in Athens, Greece in late July.
Mentari continued its’ winning ways continuing to be the highest achieving Indonesian delegation bringing home 262 Silver Medals, 309 Gold Medals and 25 Trophies, with some highlights including:


  • Junior Scholars Bowl – 6th & 9th
  • Senior Scholars Bowl – 2nd
  • Junior Challenge Social Studies Champion
  • Junior Challenge 2nd & 5th Overall Students
  • Junior Challenge Team – 3rd
  • Senior Debate Teams – 6th
  • Senior Writing Teams – 2nd
  • 5th Place Overall Junior Team
  • 6th Place Overall Senior Team


  • Senior Scholars Bowl – 2nd
  • 1st Overall Junior Debater
  • 9th Overall Junior Writer
  • Junior Challenge Social Studies Champion
  • Junior Challenge History Champion
  • Junior Challenge 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd Overall Students
  • Junior Debate Teams – 3rd
  • Junior Challenge Team – 4th & 11th
  • 1st , 4th , 6th Overall Junior Top Scholars
  • 6th Place Overall Junior Team
  • 3rd Place Overall Senior Team

Additionally, Mentari’s coach Matt was honored as the Coach of the Decade.