Coffee Morning: Personal Body Safety Program

On Thursday, August 24, 2017, our Grade 1 parents gathered in the Music Room for our first Coffee Morning about Personal Body Safety. This session acts as an introduction to inform parents of the Personal Body Safety program for Grade 1 students, which will be conducted in October.

The Personal Body Safety program aims to build confidence and provide safety skills for our students to protect themselves in uncomfortable or even threatening situations, bearing in mind the three Personal Body Safety Rules: 1) Say “No!” or “Stop!” in a firm voice, 2) Get away to a safe place, and 3) Tell an adult you trust.

As Parents are our partners in bringing out the best potentials of our learners, the second session of our Coffee Morning was the Welcoming and Orientation of our Parent Coordinators this schoolyear.  More than 50 Parent Coordinators came and shared their dreams and aspirations of achieving greater heights this year!

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