In July  2009 Mentari Intercultural School Grand Surya was established by the Yayasan Cemerlang Anak Mentari Indonesia. It houses the Preschool, Elementary, Junior and Senior High. MIS Grand Surya follows the curriculum and practices of the Mentari Intercultural Schools.


Uses a two-stream approach to curricula. The National Curriculum of Indonesia is utilized in conjunction with the Cambridge International Primary Program (English Section). The school follows the best practices used in international schools and employs a variety of teaching methods to achieve our teaching objectives.

Mentari Grand Surya Junior High uses the Cambridge Junior Secondary Curriculum enriched with the revised National Curriculum of Indonesia. It is competency based program where learning is focused on developing and providing skills and knowledge that will enable the individual to survive in a changing, challenging, unpredictable, and complicated world.

MIS Grand Surya Senior High follows the Cambridge International Curriculum and the Indonesian Curriculum. It is an excellent college preparatory school.

We are not rigid about one particular curriculum – we have combined the positive points of different methods & defined it as a Developmental Curriculum. The curriculum of all our classes is correlated, that gradually becomes wider & more informative as children progress from one class to another.