Student Council Leadership

The Student Council of MISB-Elementary, with their moderators, Ms. Sol Fruelda and Ms. Joy Bueno, had their first Leadership Training Seminar last August 26, 2017. The training aimed to provide an opportunity for the students to become aware of the qualities of a good Mentarian leader and to learn the skills required for effective communication and teamwork.

Dynamic and engaging resource speakers were invited to share their expertise and knowledge about leadership.  The seminar started with Ms. Diana Guzman and Ms. Jobelle Perez who allowed the students to discover the characteristics and practices of exemplary leadership. This was followed by an interesting workshop on communicating effectively by Ms. Ma. Czarina Espiritu and Ms. Ellen Marie Llabore. The team building session facilitated by Ms. April Marie Gomez and Mr. John Leonard Gomez, was a great way to end the training. It was a venue for the students to show what they understood about true leadership and the importance of collaboration.

It was indeed a productive and meaningful experience for the MISB – Elementary Student Council!

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