Mentari Intercultural School was founded by the Yayasan Perkembangan Anak Indonesia made up of five women, namely: Ibu Afi Shamara, Ibu Clarissa Subagyo, Ibu Isolde Michelle van der Rest, Ibu Linda Wijaya and Ibu Rozella Sutadisastra. The ladies come from different ethnic backgrounds (Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino) and different disciplines (graphic design, speech and language pathology, Montessori education, preschool education, ESL teaching, clinical counseling, business).
While different, the ladies share a common goal and that is to establish a school that recognizes the uniqueness of each child, responds to the students' needs and provides an environment that makes learning enjoyable.

Being mothers themselves they wanted to establish a school that would recognize multiple intelligences in children, that not only children who are good in language arts, science and mathematics should be appreciated, but that all children should be appreciated for their own unique gifts.

When it was time to establish the elementary school the ladies believed that the school should prepare the students to become future leaders, to educate individuals who are morally upright and strong communicators deeply rooted in the country's culture and heritage and have compassionate hearts. To date, the school has grown and the founders feel blessed with the administrators and teachers who have taken over the task of carrying out their mission and vision and providing education that Leo Buscaglia describes as an education that makes students discover their uniqueness, teaches them to develop it and shows them how to give and share it with others.