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MISJ Junior High

Accredited as a national school by BAN-SM (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Sekolah / Madrasah) and licensed as an SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama) school in Indonesia, Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta's elementary (Years 1 to 5), Junior High (Years 6 to 10) and High School (Years 11 and 12) are authorized to follow the International Baccalaureate Curriculum categorized in as Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), Middle Years Program (IBMYP) and the Diploma Programme (IBDP). At MIS we implement the National Indonesian Curriculum, Kurikulum 2013.

The SMP campus of Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta utilizes the International Baccalaureate Organization's Middle Years Program (MYP) curriculum framework. The MYP is an educational programme designed for students aged 11-16. It is a framework for teaching that benefits all students. The MYP frame-work addresses a range of learning styles, involves all students in their own unique learning processes, and gives the students a standard, internationally accepted foundation of knowledge. The MYP is a comprehensive program of academic challenge and life skills appropriate to this age group.

Students in grades 6-10 (Year 1-5) follow the programme. The students take a broad range of subjects within the eight subject groups of the MYP. Students are required to study Language & Literature (Their first or dominant language), Language Acquisition (a second or third language), Individuals & Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts (Visual and/or Music), Physical & Health Education and Design. These eight subject groups are integrated through the six global contexts (Identities & Relationships, Orientation in Space & Time, Personal & Cultural Expression, Globalization & Sustainability, Fairness & Development, Scientific & Technical Innovation). These areas serve as "lenses" through which students explore ideas, investigate connections across and between subject areas and apply their knowledge to real world problems. It is through the engagement of these contexts that teachers are able to develop holistic learning and international mindedness. In addition to the eight subject groups students undertake action and service through their Community & Service activities, Community Project and their Personal Project. The Personal Project is the culminating point of the MYP and is akin to thesis project.

Through the curriculum students will develop the attributes of the IB Learner Profile which is at the heart of all IBO programmes and clearly defines what IB Learners will be upon their completion of the programmes.

Assessment in the MYP is internal, continuous, and is carried out by the subject teachers. Both formative and summative assessments are applied in all subjects throughout the years. Formative assessment will take many forms and will at times include the students participation in the form of self-assessment and peer assessment. Summative assessment is criterion related in each subject based on the MYP prescribed learning objectives. In years 1-3 the assessment criteria have been adapted to meet the interim learning objectives, while in years 4 and 5 the prescribed exit criteria are applied. At the end of year 5, students are eligible for the award of the MYP Certificate and or a Record of Achievement. In order to qualify for the award of these documents the school must submit samples of students' work from each subject for external moderation by the IB.

We implement the IB MYP as the basis for our Middle school curriculum. Such curriculum development is implemented in the traditions of a liberal education, using the strengths of the subject-disciplines of learning.

The revised National Curriculum of Indonesia is competency based which means that learning is focused on developing and providing skills and knowledge that will enable the individual to survive in a changing, challenging, unpredictable, and complicated world.

The National Examination which is acknowledged as the term UjianNasionalBerbasisKomputer (UNBK) will be conducted for grade 9 students, specifically only for Indonesian citizen (WNI). The UNBK consists of English, Indonesian, Math and integrated science.