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Boys Scout from Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta is having one day camping in Situ Gintung, Ciputat. In this camp, they cooked and played fun activities to build good attitudes such responsibility, teamwork, and risk taking.


Ragam Budaya:

Indonesia is blessed with various songs, dances, beautiful dresses, and delicious food. The school introduce them through Ragam Budaya. Students enjoy traditional culture and learn how to sing, dance, and play drama.

Flag Raising:

Raising flag builds nationalism and we are proud of this country.

Mandarin quiz Bee:

The Mandarin Quiz Bee was held on Feb 13th 2018, with the excitement and spirit. The children are well prepared and ready to compete. The support from the teachers and parents also boost their performance. The champion for this dog’s year for each grade level are 1DP, 2J, 3K, 4J, 5R. This event surely makes the students show their knowledge and skill.