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PYP Exhibition


After almost three months of intensive inquiry about the theme How We Express Ourselves that centered on the idea that self-expressions celebrate individuality and bridge human differences, Grade 5 students finally showcased what they have learned in a two-day exhibition. The first day was reserved for the school community wherein elementary students, teachers and staff visited a total of eighteen booths. Each booth has something different to offer, ranging from traditional arts and crafts to social media. But all booths provided a lot of information since all groups presented their topics and issues extensively. On the second day, before welcoming their parents and other guests to the exhibition, the three Grade 5 classes expressed themselves during the opening program in the form of singing, dancing and speaking: 5P did a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”, 5G performed a sign language dance, and 5R organized a speech choir for Patrcia Lithuanian’s poem “Peace Not War.” At the end of the exhibition, they may be tired but the students felt very accomplished that they shared what they have learned and done for others, especially that it is a work that they can call their own.