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Help for Palu

Thank you once again to all our parents, students and teachers who came together in the “Bag Drive” to supply some study materials to the kids in Palu.

We saw how strong our parent network is and that we can do wonders when we get together.

Since this was In collaboration with Media Group Network, MISJ students went to Metro TV, to deliver the “Bags of Love” with school supplies for the kids in Palu. MISJ students collected these bags with enthusiasm to show empathy to their friends in Palu. This act of kindness, show  that small hands can do big things. We could then extend this to our another campus too, Mentari Grand Surya.

MISJ collected bags close to 600. Thank you, parents, for your generosity.

It was such a heartwarming experience when we heard about conditions in Palu from the people who had just returned from Palu. They explained how the kids and adults in Palu are still in trauma because of the ongoing after effects and that this charity should not be the end but the beginning to help Palu stand on its own by itself.

So we will look forward to more partnership in this great cause.