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MISJ Mission

   Mentari Intercultural School aims to develop well-rounded students with a passion for learning, who will be future leaders of the country. We are committed to enhancing their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for good as leaders and citizens of local and world communities.

   As well as meeting the requirements of the National Department of Education in Indonesia, MISJ implements the IB MYP as the basis for our Junior High School curriculum and the IB DP for Senior High School. Such curriculum development is implemented in the traditions of a liberal education, using the strengths of the subject-disciplines of learning. To achieve a broad and liberal education there is a wide range of common experiences for all students in the early years of middle schooling, leading to course choices in the later years. The process of making choices in education is an important developmental stage. Mentari Intercultural School encourages a variety of teaching and learning styles. We are committed to excellence in education in the delivery of all aspects of the curriculum. We are committed to encouraging individuals to reach their potential and to aim for excellence in all areas of the curriculum.