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MIS Philosophy

Mentari Intercultural School is a university/college preparatory school that offers a broad and challenging education to children of all nationalities. The school provides a comprehensive academic education through the service of committed and professional. staff, in partnership with parents

Mentari Intercultural School aims to build on the student's natural human tendencies toward exploration, hard work, creativity and communication, and to create a learning environment which touches the imagination.

We believe that:

- student's education must be founded on the acquisition of skills and knowledge so that they can live fruitful and meaningful lives

- students should be given the opportunity to grow to their maximum potential

- students need to develop emotionally as well as intellectually

- students should be guided to become ethical, moral and responsible members of society

- students should be encouraged to develop good manners, gentleness, concern for the environment and an eagerness to learn

- students should take pride in their own culture and heritage and should respect the culture and heritage of others

- students will grow into individuals ready to face the challenges which life offers in an environment that encourages freedom of movement, freedom of choice, self-discipline and independence