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We are not rigid about one particular curriculum - we have combined the positive points of different methods & defined it as Developmenta Curriculum. The Curriculum of all aour classes is correlated, that gradually becomes wider & more informatives as children progess from one class to another. Children of one class are of similar age and the work they do is similar too. When they go to Montessori Class, they mingle with the kids of other classes, observe what they are doing and carry out any work that interest them the most, suitable for their age and ability.

Method of teaching - Montessori Method We use the Motnessori Method of teaching to ensure tha a child's skills are developed in a wide range of area and they are learned and developed at the appropriate time. We have chosen Montessori as a method of teaching because it gives our children 'freedom to choose'. The material is displayed in the classroom in an orderly way and children are free to work with any material they like under the guidance of their teachers. It's a great method to establish firm foundation in children.

Assessment Method We use the Brigance Screen, an American developmental assessment system twice a year - during 2nd (Oct-Dec) and 4th (April-June) term. This helps us in our program planning and in determining appropriate placement for Your child. the Brigance Assessment provides a reliable measure of your child's skill level and progress in different areas. Through this method, we are able to test your child's emotional, physical, social & mental growth and also the development of his/her fine & gross motor skills.

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